You need to wear them over a base color that is completely dry

Disclaimer: Due to the volatile nature of nail lacquer ingredients I do not condone or promote mixing formulas from different manufacturers. There is no way to know if they will safely combine. So franken at your own risk. buy opi nail polishTo see some more custom blends, straight from the runways, check out my Behind The Scenes interview from New york Fashion Week. The Crackle Nail Polish Trend! Crackle / Shatter Nail Polish is everywhere this season but the truth of the matter is this is not a new trend and was first seen in the 1990s when the brand Cover Girl released a version that fizzled out quite quickly due to the fact that the formula and application of the polish had not quite been perfected. The polish did not "crackle" correctly and was thick and just did not look right at all. Fast forward to 2011 when it seems like every brand of moderate priced nail polish has so version of a crackle / OPI India (NLI42)shatter / texture nail polish in practically every color imaginable. It really does not matter what brand of this polish you buy they all seem to work the same way. A few hints to remember when using these polishes. ?You need to wear them over a base color that is completely dry?The base color and the crackle/shatter color should be contrasting so you can see both colors. ?The thinner you paint the crackle the more cracks that will result. You can paint on a thicker coat of crackle if you want deeper more defined cracks. ?Crackle polishes will dry matte meaning that they will flake and chip easily so you need to always use a top coat with these polishes! The two most popular brands of these polishes are OPI who call their polish Shatter and China Glaze who call theirs Crackle. Both of these polishes were released around the same time, beginning of 2011. China Glaze released six colors at once, a black, white, grey, pink, purple, and blue and then over the summer released six more colors this time metallic crackles. The metallic colors are bronze, pink, purple, blue,OPI Classics NLS72 silver, and gold. OPI took a different approach to releasing their colors and released one color at a time for the most part paired with a solid color meant to be paired with the shatter color though each could be worn on its own as well. The first color was a black and it was part of the Katy Perry nail polish collection as well as the Serena Williams Glam Slam Australia Collection.