or guests choose to watch what you said to the guest

Very not easy to meet a producer, must not let him so go. Reporters followed him came out, followed up. "That is my client, talk with you at the store is bad. I now some urgent, another talk. " "That give me leave a phone? " Leave the, reporters know this man surnamed zhou. A few days to the reporter interviewed taitung three road, JiMo road and Hong Kong garden near the several salon, found that most workers no detailed shop list, specific prices are according to use material and manicurist relations intimate degree fluctuate. "Now 100 dollars do phototherapy armour really not expensive, wait for a week before the Spring Festival, certainly up to 150 above, that last few days an hundred and fourscore may the team on the unprepossessing row! " JiMo road in a nail salon workers negative layer, kiosk manicurist advised reporter if you want to do her nails two weeks before the Spring Festival best to avoid the peak. She told reporters before the Spring Festival.opi nail polish wholesale Half a month basic have entered the peak, while business closer to the Spring Festival, the higher the price rises to the usual last may double. Sit a while before the stand,wholesale opi nail polish although not a weekend, but the women to nail salon workers, and basically but drive-travelers can choose to process complex acrylics or phototherapy armour, plus manicurist's recommendation, make a figure add a hand nursing, almost everyone's consumption all in 100 yuan of above. But let reporters strangely, these penchant for hundreds of yuan nail salon workers use on the project is very simple product packaging, and many have a word POTS. Agent cost wo thousand multivariate can drive home salon"The first 2 day also has a girl want to set up shop, just like what you have nothing, to my store had more than $2000 with the goods has now opened.discount opi nail polish " A nail salon workers chain working personnel of the wholesale tells a reporter, if the scale is not large, two manicurist's stall to match neat all the tools, materials and phototherapy machine, two thousand dollars can all done. "Polish choose the color of the bazaar, opi nail polish onlinecommonly used just dozen color, phototherapy armour is enough, if want to high-end took on your point of nail polish, but a start around $5 the restocking the midrange armour oil. " Officials also reminded reporters, goods need not suddenly whole into neat, can see first guest reactions, for some more in the popular materials, "those who are not commonly used color not necessary into, in fact what products, or guests choose to watch what you said to the guest, as long as you say those color show ShouHei and I'm sure they won't use. "