and then wait a full day before applying the crackle polish

Many women prefer to prepare their nails and apply their base coat color one day, and then wait a full day before applying the crackle polish - the only risk here is chipping your base coat during those 24 hours. However, even if this occurs,OPI Japan(NLY31) the nice thing about crackle polish is it will basically mask any minor chips you may have, and once dry the design will never reveal any underlying minor chips. Crackle polish is not priced much above a good quality polish, and no special drying lamps like UV lamps are needed, so it is fairly cheap and easy to at least try it and see if you like the results. It is one of the easier nail design techniques that gives you a wonderful look with minimal effort versus other design techniques. This article is brought to you compliments of Talia, who writes like a mad woman on her nail polish design blog,OPI BrightPair(NLB88) and she also has a fondness for the latest crackle nail polish designs. Whether she is talking to total strangers to get their secrets, or experimenting on her own or at her local salon, she loves writing about all aspects of nail design!How to Make Your Manicure Last Longer,Every girl I've talked to agree that the reason our nail polish is constantly chipping is because we spend so much time typing on keyboards and the constant clacking on our BlackBerries. Our technology addiction is doing a number on our nails, but in most cases this can't be helped. I don't know about you,OPI Spain(NLE52) but I don't think telling my boss that I couldn't finish that proposal or get those emails sent off due to the stress it put on my manicure would go over very well. Nor is switching careers a viable option. Luckily, there are several tricks to making your hands look like they live the life of luxury.