What is the real retail price of the item and where does it sell for that price

Even if you are buying closeouts you have to make sure who else sells them and who is the source. I've bought and sold a lot of closeouts in my time and let me tell you, they are closeouts for a reason.http://www.macwholesalecosmetics.orgEven popular closeout websites that claim they are selling closeouts or liquidations are expensive. I check out their prices often and they are usually wholesalers selling products for a good profit. Knowledge will be the key to your products. If you know what you are buying and the real prices of production, transportation, warehousing you will be able to negotiate with your suppliers. If you don't, you will usually pay up to 150% more for the same items that others are buying in the same quantities. Here are 5 questions that you can ask your wholesale supplier that will help you determine the right wholesale price:http://www.macwholesalecosmetics.org/blog/surprising-truths-about-permanent-makeup.html 1. What is the real retail price of the item and where does it sell for that price? 2. Who is selling it to those Retail stores and how much profit does the store make and their supplier? This will give you an idea of how much the store pays and how much the store supplier pays. 3. What is the price per case,http://www.macwholesalecosmetics.org/blog/organic-makeup-tips.html per pallet and per truckload? This will give you an idea of their best pricing. 4. Who is your best customer? How much do they buy per month? This will tell you who gets the best price for the product. 5. Do you manufacture or import this product? This will tell you if they are the original source for the product or, if, like you, they are a wholesaler or distributor. Copyright 2006 Jorge Olson. Jorge Olson is a consultant, speaker and entrepreneur and owns several Wholesale Distribution companies.