Getting Down to Matte Tacks

To apply or Not to Apply, If you have never used a matte polish before it is key to know about how to apply it properly and what makes it different than most other nail polishes. Matte polish is extremely fast drying, so when you apply it you have to get it right the first time, quick but careful. We recommend at least 2 sometimes 3 thin coats of polish. It is possible to do 1 thick coat but it is a little more difficult. OPI Matte Black is available online for $8. 00 which is a great deal. Great Fall Trends
Matte polish may not be your favorite but it is a very popular fall trend, a lot of women prefer crème polishes for the fall but matte is quickly gaining ground. For those who just have to have glossy nails try switching to a satin finish, then to a matte, it will make the transition much easier. 3 Reasons to Love OPI Matte Black: ?It is the perfect trendy fall look. ?Great on a tight budget. ?Will go with almost any outfit. What about You. You will love that matte look, but we recommend buying one matte polish and trying it out first just to make sure that it is for you. Like everything else you will have to find the color that fits you it may not be OPI Matte Black, it could be any of the other matte colors. Personally we love all of the matte colors, and we think you will too. You can also do a matte top coat as well it will add character to any polish job. Matte will add depth and for a change of pace you could put a gloss top coat over it. Getting Down to Matte Tacks, For some girls it is really hard getting used to a non glossy nail polish like OPI matte black. A solid matte collection will go a long way this fall. We think you will absolutely love it, face it the matte trend is just ramping up and will be around for a long time, you had better be prepared. Opi Matte Black will add spice to your trendy fall fashion collection, at only $8. 00 it is a steal. Ladies i strongly suggest you pick yours up today!