It's just started and it happens to be bedazzled in blue

No one will dispute the fact that Opi Nail polish is one of the best nail polishes in the market today. And basically, it is the consistency and quality of its nail lacquer that makes it stand out from the rest. Currently a favorite of all women from different kinds of social classes, good and affordable nail polish is already here to stay. You will never go wrong with using a nail polish from this brand. Luxurious Manicure and Pedicure services by Singapore's best Nail Salon. Nicki Minaj OPI Nail Lacquer. OPI's first celebrity collaboration of the year is HOT... like chart topping hot! Kick off 2012 like a superstar! Nicki Minaj has teamed up with OPI and the new year is looking bright and fun. The hip-hop princess sunk her fabulous talons into the world of nail polish to bring colours that mirror her unique, bold style. The winter blues will be a thing of the past when you saturate those fingertips in these diva shades by the show stopping rapper. We have six Nicki inspired, limited edition colours to choose from. The names of the polishes are so lively, they make us want to pump Super Bass and dance. Did it on 'em: Bright green! Think spotlight lime green. It's reminiscent of the ever-popular OPI Shrek Collection's Who the Shrek are you? However unlike the Shrek version, this crème polish has slightly yellow undertones, making it almost chartreuse. It's bright, funky, and a lot of fun. Hmm. Isn't St. Patrick's Day right around the corner? Fly: Sky blue, but 10 times brighter! It's time for some fun in the sun ladies. This bombastic aqua crème polish will infuse this long winter with some summer energy. It makes for an absolutely gorgeous midwinter manicure. Save Me: I've been saved! Who says the new Year's party is over? It's just started and it happens to be bedazzled in blue, pink, and orange confetti. But it's not floating in the air. It's in the bottle! This polish features small silver glitter mixed with colourful and holographic bar glitter all in a clear base. The best part? It goes on smooth and evenly. Bottoms up!