It is he who helped Mac Cosmetics to invent so many good quality cosmetics

A apt Silver / grey eyeshadow?Ok well i use this so much ! its the Eyes lips facade on the studio line they have shade sticks near eye shadow on one side and the liner on the other i love the smokey one :) thats the black grey one Source(s): mac makeup wholesaleis fantastic....a bodily processes question____ i use mineral powder foundation , and a stick of concealer to cover the problem skin on my face, but i'm finding that it fades away within under an hour, and i don't wanna re-apply it constantly. can you recommend a foundation that will stay on my face for longer...A correct soft Eyeliner which is confident to help yourself to sour afterwards?Please add a link and the price sooner.New Mac Pack Facial Mask Also please note that I live in the UK :) Thanks. Almay soft liner. It doesn't have that "still wet" look, and it doesn't crack. Source(s): I use it. I use Rimmel 'Exaggerate'...A couple of bring in up question for empire who buy makeup?when I go into the shop how can I test what colour foundation I involve? I use powder foundation with bronzer or soft foundation? which is better? How can I get the foundation to cover all of my skin instead of clinging to the...Mac Cosmetics is a brand in itself and a renowned one indeed. It has come up as a brand not in a day time but after many years of providing quality products and services to its customers. It has been almost thirty years from now when it first originated in Canada. Some of the other peers of this brand are Too Faced Cosmetics, Estee Lauder Cosmetics, Benefit Cosmetics, Philosophy Cosmetics, Lanc?me Cosmetics and many others.Mac fluidliner eye liner gel 8g/0.28 us oz originated in the year 1984 in Canada. Two highly innovative and enterprising individuals, Frank Toscan and Frank Angelo, had started this organization almost 30 years from now. Frank Angelo was originally the owner of Mac Cosmetics and Frank Toskan was the makeup artist and photographer.In addition to the originators of the brand, New Mac HELLOKITTY 8 Light Colors Loose Powder Foundationthe other important name associated with Mac Cosmetics is Victor Casale, who is the brother in law of Toskan. Casale was a reputed chemist and he was involved in practically all the processes and product making.It has become one of the most well known and respected brands in the beauty and fashion segment. The main target audience for who Mac Cosmetics cater for is the women.mac makeup The beauty products are meant for women only. These products were not available to the general masses till the early 1990s because they were meant for the fashion industry only. After this time period all such restrictions were lifted. Mac Cosmetics is now available to all the customers who can afford to buy them. These products are costly.Certain reputed online beauty shops like Wonderland Cosmetics have brought discount cosmetics for its customers. These cheap cosmetics consist of Mac Cosmetics and other renowned makeup brands. Quality of the products is not compromised. As Wonderland Cosmetics buy these branded cosmetics in large quantities, they get them at cheap price.Mac Cosmetics reached its zenith under the leadership of Frank Toskan and he is the reason why Mac has been able to successfully launch its famous products. He was the person who was instrumental in bringing such a wide range of quality products from Mac Cosmetics for the customers. He would not have brought success to his extensive line of products until and unless he was adequately helped by his brother in law Victor Casale. It is he who helped Mac Cosmetics to invent so many good quality cosmetics.