one which lasts long

A wearing clothes Liquid eye liner? one which lasts long, and its really black im not bothered about price or it person water proof (#(: really does last like ALL DAY and its in the region of 10 bucks i think? blackest black. totally recommend it. love it to death! Source(s): makeup junkie... About eyebrows please aid...? hi, im 12 and i have very desk light hair, my actual hair is blonde but i dyed it brown, but my eyebrows are vey wishy-washy how can i get them darker - at hand is a picture on this site of me... mac makeup Shu Umuera nouns pencil in Seal...About false eye lashes?does anyone know how many times false lashes can be re ussed? ther wear fake lashes and if you put mascara on your lashes before you put the lashes on its alot better. please dont wipe them other wise they will brake. use a makeup whipe or soak them in makeup my eyes please answer ? Thankyouuu xxx?Hi x when im at school and talking to folks they seem to take a material good look at my eyes and then they articulate "Your eyes are really weird but pretty too" do they always stare CHI Flat Iron_mac makeup? Are they weird They sound attractive :) I...ACNE back?i am planning to go to the doctor about my acne. shall i progress without makeup on? what will the doctor do for me? also should i start using proactiv? does it work? thanks for the comfort :) Bobbi Brown Brushx Yes be in motion to the dermatologist without any make up on.They will most...Acne scar, getting rid of them promptly, lacking cause breakout?I know it'll probably take a while to get rid of them, my acne is merely just now going, but something that will catch rid of the marks before at lowest possible July, more preferred is June. .